Generating a Worksheet

Click on the "Create Worksheet" button to generate a worksheet.
The form will allow you to greatly customize the look and difficulty level of your worksheet.
If you have particularly talented students in your class, consider customizing worksheets to have more problems than normal. For example, many teachers administer 5 minute timed tests with 100 problems. Perhaps you can customize tests with more than 100 problems for your top students.

Printing a Worksheet

Before you print the worksheet, do a print preview.
You may find it helpful to go to File → Page Setup to remove headers and footers as well as minimize the margins.

Landscape Printing

If you want your worksheet to be printed sideways (useful when selecting many columns), alter your Page Setup from a Portrait page to a Landscape Page.

Printing a Division Worksheet (Important)

Without this step, your "vertical" division problems will not print properly because we use background images to represent the division signs.

Firefox: Go to File → Page Setup and select Print Background.
Internet Explorer: Go to Tools → Internet Options. Click on the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down to "Print Options". Check the "Print background colors and images" box.

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