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Important Fact
In most Asian countries, including Singapore, teachers and parents drill their kids like crazy on basic math skills. Most schools in the U.S. lack this rigor, which is why less than 1 in 5 fifth graders in the United States know their multiplication tables!

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Accurate Learning Systems Corporation, based in Mountain View, California, is focused on providing educational software that improves proficiency, keeps students engaged, and has no fluff.

This website was developed to facilitate the generation and printing of old-fashioned, timed worksheets. When used consistently in lower grade levels, timed worksheets for basic math facts will virtually ensure that students will get a proper foundation in number sense that will lead to proper critical thinking skill development.

The Company's primary product is MathScore®, an online environment that achieves differentiated instruction by randomly generating math problems and automatically adapting difficulty based on performance. In particular, MathScore fully automates timed math tests, enabling an entire classroom to do one month's worth of timed tests in only one hour, saving countless hours of teacher time as well as heaps of paper. MathScore® supports 1st grade through Algebra I, and is available both to schools and individual families.

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